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Block Paving in Lancashire

W Erfmann & Son Builders & Groundworks have over 20 years experience when it comes to block paving in Lancashire. Our services guarantee high-quality workmanship and innovative design solutions for your driveway or garden patio.

Top Quality

At W Erfmann & Son Builders & Groundworks, we guarantee timely completion of every project within the agreed-upon budget. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.


Outstanding Service

We offer national contractor levels of service but for local contractor prices when it comes to block paving in Lancashire – ensuring our clients receive superb value for money!

Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team is fully equipped to provide quotations within 48 hours. Unlike subcontractors, all our staff are fully employed, ensuring unmatched levels of service and accountability.


Why Block Paving Driveways, Paths and Patios Are Best

Considering a new driveway or patio? Block paving in Lancashire offers versatile design options with a wide range of colours to suit your preferences. Contrary to common misconceptions, block paving is durable, low maintenance, and highly resilient, outlasting materials like concrete and tarmac without cracking. It also remains cool in summer, making it ideal for parking. When skillfully installed by contractors, block paved surfaces are easy to set up and offer numerous benefits. The design possibilities are limitless, ensuring a customized look for your Lancashire property.

patio blocked paved and designed


Block paving is ideal for pathways, offering endless color options and low maintenance. While weeds and moss may grow between the cracks over time, they’re easily managed, and the blocks themselves remain unfaded. Unlike traditional paving stones, block paved pathways are more durable and resistant to pressure, with smaller stones providing better support. The flexibility of block paving allows for various designs, including curved pathways, making it a popular choice for garden paths or connections between your front door and driveway.


Block paved driveways are popular due to their excellent grip, especially in winter. Unlike paving slabs, which can crack easily and struggle with weight, block paving is durable and can support large vehicles. With endless design options and a wide range of colours, it’s a versatile choice for homeowners.


For patios, block paving is a top choice. While wood decking may seem appealing, it’s prone to rot and infestations, requiring regular maintenance. In contrast, block paved patios in Lancashire are virtually maintenance-free, with minimal upkeep needed for any moss growth between cracks. It’s an excellent low-maintenance option for outdoor flooring.

Indian Stone Paving in Lancashire

Transform your outdoor space with the timeless elegance of Indian Stone paving in Lancashire. Renowned for its natural beauty and durability, Indian Stone offers a stunning option for creating pathways, patios, and outdoor living areas that exude sophistication and charm.

Each piece of Indian Stone is unique, featuring rich earth tones and intricate textures that add depth and character to any landscape. Whether you prefer the rustic appeal of riven stone or the sleek look of honed finishes, our Indian Stone paving options are sure to elevate the aesthetic of your garden while standing the test of time against the elements.

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